Horse Crossing

有馬穿行, 2023

My first vehicle was
a sports car with
an inline six-cylinder engine
and three hundred and forty-seven horsepower.

Oftentimes I drove it
into the mountains.

Let the sun shine through
the leaves and hit onto the windshield.

I noticed the sign of
“Horses Crossing”
a while ago, and that day,
I finally got to see them.

They crossed over the road,
and walked their way
to the mountaintop.

Later,  I came to the top
of the mountain. There was
really a pasture,
from where you can get
a full picture of the city.

Blocks in gray divided by
the paths in green,

With endless streams of
flashing lights running across.

It was noon, with no one around. Grass bowed to the wind,
only silence remained.

Horse herds were resting,
while the stallion kept watch.

I gently walked towards
the great stallion,

Matching my pace
to his breath.

He faced my direction,
but looked past me,
as if I wasn’t there.

I could see my reflection approaching in his wide eyes.

Like long long ago.

Long long ago,
the world wasn’t like this.

Mountains and rivers
stretched wildly, tangling
with each other's boundaries.

the fruit cores and flowers,
horses met with man.

Man in the past
weren’t the same either.

Pointy ears listen for
the howling of beasts,

Long canines tear through
unripe fruits,

Agile tails swat at
greedy flies,

Stepping hooves traverse
the savage wild land.

Back then, the little horse
never withstood temptations.

Vigilant parents always
stand guard behind them.

That day,
I ran down the mountain
with blinding speed.
The moment I departed,
the world seemed to
forget its name,
and transformed to its past self.

The boundaries were erased,
and I crossed free.